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Reinventing Valentine’s Day

I’ve been looking for a Valentine’s Day alternative for years and am totally on board with Sasha Dichter’s idea to reboot Valentine’s Day as Generosity Day. A day where you say “yes” to everything that is asked of you all …

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The Lengths I Go To for An Amazing Glass of Wine

I live on a freelance writer's salary, so if I want to drink really, really good wine on a daily basis, I pretty much have to go


Lentil Soup: A Perfect Frugal Meal

Lentil soup is one of my favorite comfort foods, especially on chilly winter nights. Packed with protein, fiber, and veggies, it's a complete meal that's easy to


The Art of Life

Scattered Light in Madison Square Park from Kimberly McCaffery on Vimeo.

I have a stressful job, and today was particularly harsh. After

Road Trip

How to Save $2,000 and Your Sanity

Drive, don’t fly. As I mentioned in my November post, "I'm Done With Flying," the full-body scanners were a tipping point for me. This holiday season we

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Homemade Holiday Candy: English Toffee

It's hard to go wrong when there's butter, sugar and dark chocolate in the mix. This is the recipe for the English toffee I made as part

Peppermint Bark

Homemade Holiday Candy: Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark

In my previous post, Last-Minute Homemade Holiday Gifts, I mentioned that I was planning to make some dark chocolate peppermint bark and English toffee as


Last-Minute Homemade Holiday Gifts

I have to admit that I share Kim’s disdain for crafting, but each December I do enjoy playing a bit of Santa’s Workshop and making


How to Make an “Easy” Gingerbread House

Crafts are not my thing, especially holiday crafts. If you enjoy wielding a glue gun or stitching up a quilt, you won't understand this, but the thought of


The Milkman Saves Us (more than just money)

In my pursuit of frugal utopia, I've started to realize that the price I pay for an item at the register doesn't always reflect its true cost.

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